Yes Prime Minister!

The original writers of the classic BBC TV series, Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn have reunited for this anniversary production and now the Prime Minister Jim Hacker, his Cabinet Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby and his Private Secretary Bernard Woolley are back in this hilarious new play.

In a world of spin, Blackberrys and ‘sexed up’ dossiers, the PM is staring disaster in the face. The country is on the brink of financial meltdown and the Government’s only apparent salvation comes from a morally dubious deal with the Foreign Minister of Kumranistan. Will Jim Hacker and his team of advisors be able to rescue the country from the edge?

Richard McCabe  will be playing the role of Jim Hacker in the tour of Yes, Prime Minister with Simon Williams (Upstairs, Downstairs, Don’t Wait Up, Holby City) as Sir Humphrey Appleby.

Yes, Prime Minister is a Chichester Festival Theatre Production.

‘Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn ha ve trans formed their success ful televisi on comedy in to an hilarious new play, lovingly directed at great pace by Lynn’

The Stage

Brighton Theatre Royal From 3rd-12th February 2011.

Sea Spray Hotel is only a short stroll to the Theatre Royal.

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