White Night


The end of October Seaspray will be celebrating White Night, this event marks the end of British Summer Time. It aims to present the arts as a way for residents to reclaim the streets and offer an alternative to drinking culture in the city centre. This will be the third year of the unique festival, which last year attracted 25,000 people. It is inspired by continental cities such as Paris, Berlin and Madrid which have staged White Nights (Nuit Blanche) for many years.

Uniquely, Brighton’s event marks the clocks going back at the end of British Summer Time. It’s an opportunity for residents and visitors to do something different in the middle of the night. Four new public artworks have been chosen to form the focal points of Brighton’s forthcoming all-night festival. It will feature dozens of venues open late or all night plus many events, art trails and installations and promises to be even bigger and better than last year, say organisers.

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