The Haunting @ The Royal Theatre Brighton Mon 11th April 2011

In an ancient, crumbling mansion, sheltering from the howling winds that tear across the surrounding desolate moorland, two men stumble across a dark and terrifying secret.

When a young book dealer, David Filde, is employed to catalogue an impressive library, he finds an incredible array of rare and antiquated books. But as a series of strange and unexplained events conspire to keep him from his work, he realises that if he is to convince his sceptical employer of the mysterious phenomena, they must journey together to the very edge of terror to discover the source of the ghostly night time visitations.

Paul Nicholas, best known for his role in the BAFTA award winning sitcom, Just Good Friends, also enjoyed West End stardom in The Mysterious Mr Love, Catch Me If You Can and Singin’
In The Rain
. He is joined by one of TV’s hottest young stars, Charlie Clements, best known as Bradley Branning in EastEnders.

Directed by Hugh Wooldridge, this gripping new adaptation of Charles Dickens‘ spine-tingling tales of the unexpected will have you on the edge of your seat!

Sea Spray Hotel

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