The Garden Gadabout

When the Glorious Garden Gadabout opens his variety of fascinating and beautiful gardens and community spaces to the public across two weekends in June and July, you should not miss it.

Garden Gadabout is an array of gorgeous gardens- from small city centre courtyards to expansive sweeping spaces, bold contemporary designs to quiet havens of wildlife.

There’s nothing quite like being a part of making things grow, watching and waiting for the changes that unfold day to day, season to season. The Gadabout is a great opportunity to gather ideas from all sorts of spaces. From bold and stunning contemporary designs, to quiet havens of wildlife – of all shapes and sizes. I’m a passionate enthusiast of sharing our green spaces, it’s just so inspiring to discover what other people have lovingly created.

At the end there is also a reason for this fascinating event: Vital funds will be raised for The Sussex Beacon.

The entry to each garden costs £2 and if you would like to explore many gardens there is the possibility of buying a  Super Saver day ticket for £7, which offers you day entry to all gardens.

As Sea Spray is located in the middle of Brighton you have the possiblity of enjoying all different gardens in and around Brighton easily.

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