Shakin Stevens @ The Theatre Royal! – 7:30pm

The Welsh rock ‘n’ roller who burst into the charts at the beginning of the ’80s had, in fact, been paying his musical dues for many years. His first UK hit was Hot Dog in 1980, featuring Albert Lee on guitar, and this was followed in 1981 by a cover of the Rosemary Clooney hit from the 1950s, This Ole House – and all in the face of the punk, New Wave, New Romantics and growing electronica scene. Shaky has won countless prestigious music industry awards and has had an incredible string of hit records, 36 of which were consecutive. Although he took a break from recording in the early ’90s, he has continued to tour and has been in constant demand at festivals across Europe. The end of 2005 saw Shaky return to the recording studio and he looks set to keep rockin’ for many years to come.

The Theatre Royal is just at 5 minutes to walk from Sea Spray Hotel.

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