Sea Spray supports First UK Hotel school opening in May 2012! But not in Brighton!

The team at Sea Spray were very pleased to read in the Independent on Saturday that the UK will see the first hotel school open in Essex.  The school/hotel will recruit 60 students to run the hotel (working alongside professionals) which will give them the chance to gain a degree in hotel management or learn culinary skills.  Is this the start of the end of the Fawlty Towers era?

We believe it is certainly some positive news for the hotel industry after the terrible bad press and upset the programme on Channel 4 caused last week about the negative  effects of Tripadvisor.  Since that programme, Google are taking on the giant review site!

More positive effects of this new hotel school is that by the end of this hands-on experience, students will be able to perform supervisory or junior hotel management roles, having dealt with ‘real’ customers as students!

This is the first of its kind in our industry and provides the student with the option of a fast-track two-year degree!  It has Sea Spray’s  full support and we believe just want students need in this competitive environment – in addition to contributing to lifting the standards of hotel service in this country.  We know where we will be going for new recruits and hopefully one day we will have a school in Brighton!

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