Reel Big Fish at The Concorde 2 on the 13th of February

Californian ska punk band Reel Big Fish may have gone through many transformations since its conception in 1992, but one thing is still guaranteed; these guys can put on a live show that will blow your mind. Best known for their 1997 hit “Sell Out“, the band shot into MTV mainstream alongside the likes of No Doubt and Sublime, and remained a major figure in the ska punk movement throughout the 90s. After releasing albums “Cheer Up!” (2002) and “We’re Not Happy ‘Til You’re Not Happy” (2005) on Jive Records, Reel Big Fish parted ways with the record company in January 2006. Since then the band have released material independently and continued to tour non-stop (playing over 250 shows a year all over the world), and still remaining an unquestionable force in the ska punk movement.

The first part will be Less Than Jake
The Concorde 2 it’s only at 15min from the Sea Spray Hotelreel big fish

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