Peter Searles at Komedia Brighton the 28th January – 8.30pm !

After his much younger girlfriend leaves him for a better looking, richer, more successful friend of his, Peter Searles dissolves into a gibbering, chain-smoking, suicidal insomniac.  In desperation, he resorts to the latest new-age self-help healing therapy: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) regressing him into a voyage of self re-discovery, where buried memories of past relationships, one-night stands and a very confused childhood all come bubbling to the surface with hilarious, painful and revelatory results!

This is a true-life tale of one man’s journey through his sexual evolution, that turns into a quest for enlightenment and love… and maybe next time a beautiful young blonde comes floating into the bar, he might think twice (but probably not).

‘One of the loveliest, laughter filled hours I have seen’  **** The Scotsman 

‘It’s a joy!’ **** The List Magazine

Komedia Brighton is only a 10 minutes walk away from Sea Spray Hotel.

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