Out with the old and in with the New at Freemasons

So it’s coming up to the weekend – and you know you’re going to wear “that” top to the sweet party. It’s the top you always wear to sweet parties. It’s your sweet party top!

Thing is though, all of a sudden after all these years of partying in said top, you realise it looks a little….       …..boring?


The Freemasons saw this dilemma coming a mile off and have provided a solution. What if you could SWAP your old sweet party top for a new sweeter partier top?!

What if another top didn’t really quite cut the party mustard and you could just CUSTOMISE your top into essentially a brand new top? Turbo Top 5000?!?!

What if you weren’t that confident with the customising side of things and needed some help? Thought of that too – we’ve got our very own in-house stylist to help you make the most of your old garms.

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