My Element EP Launch Party @ Concordre 2 the 14th January – 6.30pm !

The Vinyls + Alice + Dizzy Tails + Gutter Fly + Cordelia Alyssa

MyElement are a five piece indie / powerpop band based in East and West Sussex. The band formed at the beginning of 2006 when vocalist and lead guitarist Harry Peach went into the studio to record some songs for James Borland’s Music Production degree. All of the other band members were then brought in as session musicians to record various parts for the songs, however the chemistry between all the musicians was so strong that they decided to give playing as a band a go. Since these very early days, the band have had time to develop their sound and stage show to a point where they are a truly unique unsigned band. Their broad range of influences and backgrounds mean that the songs vary in style from one to another – one minute calming you with their melodic three part harmonies, the next making you want to dance around the room.

Concorde 2 is just at 5 minutes to walk from Sea Spray Hotel. 

Picture : The Vinyls

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