Melanie C @ Concorde 2 the 7th March – 7.30pm !

Since the start of her music career in 1996, Melanie C has enjoyed enormous world-wide success with Spice Girls, as well as a succesful solo career with the release of her five solo albums, not to mention a hugely successful journey in the musical theatre.

2007 saw the announcement of the ‘Return of the Spice Girls’ tour when Melanie relished the opportunity to perform in venues such as the O2 in London and New York’s Madison Square Garden, leaving the audiences incredibly impressed by her energy and live vocals.
Melanie C’s fifth album titled ‘The Sea’ -made under her own independent record label Red Girl Records- has been released four years after her last output.  The new material is more adventurous than her other work, making it evident that her musical confidence is growing, so you can expect a great atmosphere, captivating performance and incredible live vocals at Concorde2.

Concorde 2 is just at 10 minutes to walk from Sea Spray Hotel.

Melanie C – First Day Of My Life (Music Video)

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