Look Mexico @ Prince Albert in Brighton the 5th December!

Austin’s indie rockers Look Mexico are known for bridging the gap between the pop and math rock worlds while carrying heavy comparisons to bands from the 90’s emo movement, akin to American Football. Their debut album, This Is Animal Music hearkened back to the days when emo-pleaded punk was embraced while their follow up release, To Bed To Battle provided a dynamic shift in their sound and displayed a sense of maturity as they toned down their math-rock roots to play more straightforward rock. Chartering on unfamiliar territory, Look Mexico opened a window to other realms to further infuse pop into the mix. Some fans were left hoping they would revert to their old ways but they continued to push their own boundaries, leaving their anomalous song titles to be the reigning feature from a band we knew back in 2007. Look Mexico further expands their use of pop sensibilities while taking a more unified approach and on their latest EP, Real American Spear It.

They will @ Prince Albert from 8pm, Prince Albert is at 5 minutes on bus from Sea Spray Hotel.

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