Letters to the dead premiere Duke of yorks Brighton sunday 28th October!


An abstract, dream-like melodrama from local artist Nick Hudson in collaboration with director Chris Purdie. Nick has spent the last two years constructing a suite of musical compositions suffused with a narrative rich with themes of yearning, estrangement, the occult – and bad motherhood. This summer he and Chris filmed that narrative, and using the recorded compositions as the soundtrack created a surrealist, winding fable that is as much a listening experience as it is a visual one. A beguiling and febrile journey, this is the UK premiere. ‘Letters To the Dead’ features a host of Brighton talent, including poet Gary Goodman, painter Luke Beachey and sound artist Ingrid Plum. For fans of Kenneth Anger, David Lynch and Terence Malick…” :http://nickhudsonindustries.bandcamp.com/merch/letters-to-the-dead-film-premiere-tickets-w-free-song-download

Some of the Sea Spray team will be attending this event.

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