Flying and eating…is possible now!

SEA SPRAY hotel is proud to present you this extraordinary event…

Dinner in the Sky are experts in creating unique events that find their inspiration in the clouds…


Operating in 40 different countries, this extraordinary experience can be enjoyed from London to Sydney to Rio de Janeiro. The luxury table seats 22 guests who share a unique experience whilst suspended at 100 feet in the air. ‘Floating’ above the ordinary brings a whole new perspective to product launches, consumer promotions, corporate engagement and entertainment in the sky.

The Sky platform is perfect for anyone who wishes to transform an ordinary event or meeting into a magical, once in a lifetime occasion that will leave a lasting impression on their guests.

Dine in the sky

Description: A unique experience for members of the public. Try out the new British Airways in-flight menus up in the sky over Hove beach.
Date: Every day between 22/08/2013 and 27/08/2013
Times: start time:11:00
end time:22:00
Cost: FREE
Contact: Get more information at
Venue: Hove Seafront


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