Fancy dress party on 15th November



Tenderhooks are excited to be playing back at the Latest Music Bar. There’s some fresh blood in the band. Introducing Benassi on lead guitar. Still only 17 this awesome talent will blow you away. And new in the engine room, Jason Lim a bass player who packs a punch  all the way from South Korea. Songs like Glass Bubble, Mousetrap, and Jump along with new material will shape their exciting set. If you want an entertaining night of music and partying, this is the place to be.

The Move-ons provide an exciting, slick and uplifting performance wherever they play live, be it their local bar amongst friends or a festival stage in front of thousands of potential new fans… strong lead vocals from Damian Best guide the music from song to song with unyielding energy, while the band provides a powerful backline to create a solid wall of sound.

 Sea Spray  team are ready to have fun on this friday night ! 

Doors 8.00 Price £4


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