Exciting New Exhibition – Churchill Square

In a rare external collaboration, the Natural History Museum is set to team up with Brighton’s leading retail destination, Churchill Square in an awe-inspiring new exhibition.

On 1st July, visit Churchill Square – if you dare – and find yourself transported back to prehistoric times, surrounded by life-sized, moving dinosaurs!

Among the huge beasts will be carnivores including the terrifying T-Rex, the ‘tyrant lizard’ and king of the dinosaurs!
Alongside the giant T-Rex is fellow Cretaceous-dweller and carnivore, the Baryonyx, a 28ft-long dinosaur with huge claws and finely serrated teeth!

Visitors to Churchill Square are invited to roam among the dinosaurs, discovering exciting facts about the prehistoric creatures through additional exhibits placed around the Centre, including touch and feel boxes and even a real T-Rex skull!

The free Dinosaur Encounter exhibition runs from 1st July to 4th September 2011 at Churchill Square Shopping Centre, which is located only a few minutes walk from Sea Spray. Experience the past!

Read more: http://www.visitbrighton.com/site/whats-on/they-re-coming-p751901

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