Dry Rot from monday 24th to saturday 29th of September at Theatre Royal Brighton!

A crooked bookie and his two accomplices devise a cunning plan to ‘get rich quick’; to kidnap the odds-on favourite horse and replace it with their own decrepit nag. But Honest Alf, Flash Harry and Fred find more hurdles than they bargained for on their way to the final post -¬†a¬†comatose horse, a blossoming love affair and a bewildered French jockey all see chaos reign under the roof of the eccentric Colonel Wagstaff and his wife.

Listed in the National Theatre’s top 100 plays, Dry Rot was first performed in 1954 and ran for more than three years in the West End. Written by John Chapman, who wrote over 200 TV comedies including the Emmy award winning Fresh Fields, Happy Ever After and The Liver Birds, this hilarious farce is one of the finest examples of the genre.

Secret doors, split second timing, flawless physical comedy and an all star cast with some of the country’s best loved faces including Liza Goddard, Susan Penhaligon, Gareth Hale & Norman Pace, Neil Stacy and Derren Nesbitt make Dry Rot a sure bet that will have you roaring with laughter. Theatre Royal Brighton is only ten minutes walk from Sea Spray Hotel.

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