Circus of Horrors!!!

This amazing show is returning by popular demand to Brighton on 19th January for one night only!  Starts 7.30 pm and Sea Spray has some great offers on rooms for the night, being just a 10 minute stroll away!

Following on from the huge success of The Asylum, & The Day of the Dead, The Circus of Horrors has had a major revamp & is back rockin’ & shockin’ with fangtastic new show created especially to celebrate its 15th bloody year – The Four Chapters from Hell.

The show contains some of the greatest, most bizarre & beautiful Circus acts on earth. From dare devil flying trapeze to a vampiric crow woman suspended only by her hair, from whirlwind roller skaters to sword swallowers. All this plus pickled & bendy people, Voodoo Warriors, Knife throwers and an almighty cast of 26 of the wildest, weirdest but most of all greatest performers on earth.

This is without a doubt a musical masterpiece with the pulsating Devil driven Rock n Roll of Dr  Haze & The Interceptors From Hell.

Imagine if Quentin Tarantino had directed Cirque Du Soleil then you would be only half way there.

‘The Circus of Horrors is swiftly becoming as popular as Archaos’
The Independent.

‘The Greatest Circus of Horrors show to Date’ The King Pole

‘Totally Unbelievable’ Scott Mills, Radio 1

‘Barnum Would be proud’ Time Out

‘All Killer, All Thriller, No Filler’
Gorezone Magazine

It is recommended for 16+.

The show is not suitable for children, it is adult based with language and some nudity.

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