Blitz Party! On Saturday 11th of August 2012 at Proud Cabaret Brighton

Retreat to their Supper club at 7pm whilst experiencing a show like no other you’ve seen before! Lose yourself in a world of seduction from their Burlesque and Cabaret Performers and Compares; Jason Abrahams, Angie Hula, Elsie Diamond Dolly Rose.

Then, from 10.30pm “Make tea, not War”! Come and hide at a hangout like no other at our Blitz Party! Travel back to Wartime England and There may be trouble outside, but in the Ballroom have delights of the flesh and fantasy that will block out any blitz! With sandbags and smoke, experience an authentic 1940’s evening and make a friend or too in this terrible time. If that’s not enough to win over your humble hearts, you will gain free entry to our club night afterwards. 


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