Biba and beyond: Barbara Hulanicki at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery from 22nd of September 2012 to 14th of April 2013!

This major fashion exhibition celebrates the Biba lifestyle and also looks beyond Biba at Barbara Hulanicki’s other successful careers in design, fashion illustration and interior design.

With its cutting edge yet affordable¬†fashion, Barbara Hulanicki’s iconic Biba store and label trasformed the High Street shopping experience in the 1960s and 70s. Art Deco, Victorian and Hollywood glamour all combined in striking, romantic and sensual designs, bought by rock stars, models and young working women alike.

After walking away from Biba in the mid-seventies, Barbara Hulanicki established herself as an award winning and high profile interior designer in the US. In the past few years in the UK Barbara’s career has come full circle with hugely successful fashion design projects for TopShop and George.

With loans from major collectors and private individuals the exhibition will tell this amazing story through fashion, film, illustrations, music, photography, ephemera and the memories and reminiscences of those who shared the experience.

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery is only 10 minutes walk from Sea Spray Hotel.

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