Anne Boleyn, Tue 3th-Sat 7th April 2012, Eves 7.45pm, Theatre Royal Brighton

Compelling, witty and often laugh-out-loud funny, this celebration of a great English heroine, Anne Boleyn leaps cunningly between generations to expose the life and legacy of Henry VIII’s notorious second wife. Anne Boleyn is traditionally seen either as a pawn manipulated into the King’s bed, or as a sexually licentious predator, even a witch. But Howard Brenton puts a very different Anne-and her ghost-on the stage. Witty and confident in her sexuality, she takes on the vicious world of Tudor Court politics. She is inĀ  love with Henry but also in love with the most dangerous ideas of her day. Conspiring with the exiled William Tyndale, Anne plots to make England Protestant forever.

Following two sell out London seasons, two powerhouses of great theatre -ETT and Shakespeare’s Globe, join forces to stage this vivid and vibrant production; gripping, rich in humour and shot through with sublime chamber music and visual imagery. Unmissable

Some members of the Sea Spray team will be attending this event.

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