Amy in the Winehouse -The Jive Monkey – 20 July – 9pm to 11.30pm

A Friday night with some serious balls!
Amy in the Winehouse” is an hour and a half of Amy classics delivered in a way that only Laura knows how.
Expect adult humour, foul language, shots, wine, a short black dress and a whole bunch of Amy classics.

Doors 8.30pm
Show 9.30pm
Tickets £5

“The dialogue is razor-sharp, she loves her audience and layers her song introductions with witty observations.
It can’t be emphasised enough her singing voice is incredible.”

“What elevates Laura Nixon to such a high level is her sheer bombast and genuine talent. Laura boasts an emphatic singing voice, natural on-stage charisma and supreme confidence. Nixon creates a truly sensual, captivating Amy Winehouse, capturing her unique personality effortlessly. “

Some of the Sea Spray team will be attending this event

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