Alive & Swinging with Marilyn Monroe

“Hilarious, entertaining and clever” writes The Argus. “A must see” states Fringe Review.

So what is this exciting cabaret really about?
Marilyn Monroe returns from heaven, brings old showbiz fling Frank Sinatra and legend Elvis Presley with her - three superstars dancing away their final night on earth until the voice of god finds them missing and demands they return to heaven.

Join a night with these great stars and special guests, while you enjoy a delicious dinner, an exciting show and fascinating dance acts at Komedia!

You have the choice of Friday, the 15th of July or Friday, the 12th of August to gain a unique experience. Tickets are available from £17.50 to £25.50.

And the best: Sea Spray is only a 15 minutes walk away from Komedia.

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