Alice in Wonderland, a fantastic show…

Alice in Wonderland




Plunge down the rabbit hole into a 21st-century asylum adventure. This bold re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s exquisitely deranged tale of childhood and misunderstanding features an older-than-usual Alice encountering a world whose strangeness is rooted not in dreams but in the insanities of our own society. It is a place where the familiar becomes strange with enchanting and sometimes horrifying results.

Volcano’s ‘brave, stupid and beautiful’ brand of theatre is an intriguing match for Lewis Carroll’s story of the threshold between childhood and adulthood in a new production featuring Jenny Runacre (Jubilee,Brideshead RevisitedThe Witches).

Watch the trailer

Read a Q&A with the director

Post-show discussion on Tue 29 Oct.

‘a hugely enjoyable and slightly self-deprecating production that was sometimes weird but often wonderful’ Bournemouth Echo

‘I wish that I’d jumped up on stage to hug them, shouting as loudly as I could, “You are wonderful.”‘   Weston-super-mum street blog

‘Until you have seen Volcano, you have not really seen dangerous theatre’The Guardian on Macbeth: The Director’s Cut

Designed by Gudny Sigurdar
Director by Paul Davies

When? Tue 29 and Wednesday 30 oct, 7.30 pm

Where? Brighton, Corn exchange


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