33 Years Today since Elvis Left the Building for Good!

Being huge Elvis fans at Sea Spray we thought we had to pay homage today to one of the world’s best entertainers. Did you know thirty-three is a magic number (!) and anyone wishing to book our Elvis room tonight gets a free bottle of champagne! Wow come and enjoy the Las Vegas Bling and get to wear our Elvis white suit (hanging in the wardrobe) and quiff and 70s glasses!

Put the fun back into your Monday night! For all serious fans we have one of the best Elvis performers around, Suspiciously Elvis, who regularly plays in Brighton. The next show is 27th September with two more shows in each month of October and November – check out this link for more information -


http://www.alduomo.co.uk/Venue_and_Events/Elvis_Night/ . We’ve been and it is one of the best nights out for fun we’ve had in a long while – and this man can sing, act and dance! And he gets up right close and personal – great for those facebook shots!                                     


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